The Guide for a Great Camping Experience

  • Check-In: Between 3PM and 9PM daily.
  • Checkout: Campsites no later than 1PM, Cabins no later than 11AM.
  • Speed Limit: 10 mph – for everyone’s safety.
  • Vehicles: Limit 2 vehicles per campsite. Additional parking available.
  • Golf Carts: Must be registered with the campground and have permit displayed. Carts must be operated by a licensed driver, driven on roads no faster than 10 mph. Passengers must be seated. Carts cannot be operated under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or any other substance that impairs driving and good judgment. Lights on after dusk, no driving after 10PM.
  • Camp Fires: Fire rings are provided at each campsite. Fires must be contained in the fire ring, and attended at all times. Please do not leave trash in fire ring.
  • Firewood: No cutting of live trees or brush. You are welcome to dead wood.
  • Sports Equipment: Horseshoes, volleyballs, basketballs, Gaga Pit balls, cornhole bags are available at camp store. Please do not use horseshoes at your campsite.
  • Children: All children and teenagers must be at your campsite after 10PM. If it is necessary to leave the campsite after 10PM they must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian.
  • Trash: Dumpsters are located near the exit. Please do not use the fire ring for trash. Never tempt animals by leaving outdoors.
  • Pets: We are pet friendly. Limit 2 pets per campsite, pets must be licensed, kept on a leash not longer than 6 feet long, attended by an adult, and picked up after. Be respectful of others, control your dogs bark, do not leave unattended. Pets are restricted from buildings, pool area and playgrounds.
  • Visitors: Your guests must be pre-registered by you (registered camper). Fees apply; $5.00 per adult, Senior Citizens and children are free. Visitors’ vehicles must have a car pass visible on rearview mirror while on camp property. All visitors must leave before 10PM.
  • Quiet Hours: 11PM – 8AM. Motorized vehicles not owned by the campground or operated by campground staff cannot be driven during quiet hours.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol is a privilege in our campground, not your right. Alcohol is to be kept at your site, consumed in moderation. At no time will abusive or disruptive behavior be tolerated. Alcohol is not allowed in or around the bath houses, pool, store or any other public area in the campground.
  • Bicycles: Please stay on roads or trails. Ride with caution, no riding after dark, walk your bike down hills.
  • Marijuana: Possession and use on property owned or operated by White River RV Park & Campground is prohibited.
  • Wi-Fi: Due to the campground’s limited access to the internet our Wi-Fi limits usage of the internet to email and browsing. Unfortunately, the ability to stream video is not likely.
  • Respect Others: Do not walk, bicycle or drive golf cart through campsites. Always be aware of how noise you create impacts others.
  • Dreaded No-No’s: No generators. No firearms. No fireworks. No mini-bikes/mopeds/off road motorcycles/ four wheeled ATV’s or UTV’s or Side-by-Side vehicles are allowed to operate within park.

Thank you for respecting the Guide for Great Camping

Enjoy your stay with us! Some great places to visit during your stay are identified on our campsite map and here on our links page. Please be sure to tell them that the folks at WRC sent you!

» Download The Guide for Great Camping (PDF)